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Sunday, December 27, 2009

What happens in Vegas

stays in Vegas, but now someone who stays there will be what's happening. My friend Danielle Foxx has started the next chapter in her life by relocating to Las Vegas. Since its a move she has wanted to make, I'm happy for her, but sad to see her go. She has been one of my closest friends over the last several years, though not as close for the last several months. When someone is planning to turn the page, its not always possible to stay on the same one and with her having completed her physical transition, she put her focus on completing her professional and artistic one, from one in front of the camera, to a productive and creative one also behind it. Part of that change in focus was that we just didn't see each other very much. But it only meant I was out of her hair, not out of her life, and if I wasn't there with her, I was still always there for her. And I still will be, even if she is 5 hours away in the next state, instead of one hour away in the next county. Some things that will never change are how talented and gifted and driven she is, or how much I admire and respect her for all that she can do or how grateful I am for all she has done for me. I would never have become who I am without her help. When something great like that happens for you, it stays with you.


Probably because its been in a frame on a table in her living room for the last few years, this is my favorite pic of us together.

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  1. I Want to go and live in vegas too. Hope Someday...

    HornyForTgirl From HD