"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Monday, June 24, 2013

speaking of timers...

here is one of the aforementioned timer shots from the next Saturday, after a fun nite at the Oxwood Inn.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

my first "selfie"

I know its the narcissistic rage online but I'd rather have someone else take my picture, or, in the rare case, I'll reluctantly use a timer, but I almost never take a self pic.  Either my arms are too short, or the focal length too great, but the pics never seem to work out.  But I tried it with a mirror and I liked the outcome, so i hope it doesn't reflect too badly on me to post it here :)


Saturday, June 1, 2013


I did a whole month in one blog and then went nearly a month with blogging.  No way to get caught up, So, to try again to make this a blog and not a backlog, I'm doing all of January at once.
New Years Eve at the Palms with  the new Golden Girls, Gia, Audrey and Natasha

the gorgeous,and talented Melissa
Ms Samara


A cold night at the Oxwood

The lovely Shelby Chang

My friend Tonya

Melissa and Regina  at the Palms

MLK Monday at the Palms
a slow Wednesday at the Palms
Felicity and Wayne at the Oxwood

Mikayla aka Mary J Blige at the Palms