"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Linkin Blogs

Please check out this really cool blog, which as a couple of new pics of me

The Photographic World of Scott and Ben


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hamburger Merry Christmas

Just some pics from the Tuesday before Christmas.

my good friend Sabrina and me, one with the hostess with Mostest, Jamie, who puts on the club every week, and an old friend Naomi, and two with both of mi hermanas hermosa, Valerie and Joanna. I don't get to the club very often, but its always fun when I do, and it was great to get to see my friends in someplace a little more laid back than Cobra. Friendship is the best gift you can get and the greatest thing about it is you don't need a receipt to return it.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Transformation Magazine

after a long hiatus, Transformation Magazine is back on the scene in Southern California. I was in the magazine several times a few years ago and it was always fun to go to a bookstore or news stand and pull out a copy and find yourself in its pages.

They have been out of sight and mind since Peanuts moved to the Palms, but recently re-emerged at Cobra. My friend Al, who has been taking some of the best pictures of me forever, is their local photographer, and he and Willie Escalade got some great shots of me and my friends that nite. Now I can't wait until I'm hot off the presses again. :)


Katts and Dogs

Buddy and Baxter :)

This was supposed to be my Christmas picture this year, but I'm 4 months behind, so happy belated Easter to everyone :)


Felicia Cumpelanos

Every year or so, I have a birthday. This year, I had two. My birthday was on a Friday, so at Cobra on Thursday (after midnite, of course) they brought me up on stage to sing Happy Birthday to me, and then the next nite, at the Palms (after midnite, again, but close enough) I was hauled up on another stage to be sang to, yet again.

Two fun nites, and while I am not big on being the center of attention, its nice, every now and then to be center stage, and in the spotlight.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Snake Charmers

just some pics from a recent fun night at Cobra.

TS Jesse Amy Daly and me, one with me and my niece Hazel Tucker and one with me and Aubrey and Milan.


Raise the curtains

but not the skirt LOL A pic at Hamburger Mary's in one of the shortest dresses, ever. Men will ask me "Do those legs go forever?". This dress seems to lend some support to that proposition. As Mae West said, "I have a good right leg and a good left leg, and between the two of them, I make a pretty good living". I'm just trying to follow in her footsteps and put on a good show.


Victoria's Secret

is that she is even more nice than she is beautiful. Its not a very well kept secret. I think anyone who knows her knows it. She doesn't come out very often, but when she does, its always a pleasure to see her. She may be the hot porn star of the moment, but she is a warm friendly and well spoken woman at all times.

Join her website, and don't let your admiration for her be a secret anymore