"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Hungdevils x-mas Carol

You know Crimson and Dino
Chaingunner and Vixen,
Charlie, Corvette Dude
And User, whose bitching.
But do you recall
The most misunderstood poster of all?

Nicole, the oft banned t-girl
told the fellas that they blow
and for the other ladies
was not afraid to call them ho's
So many other posters
never understood her game
and if it came to conflict
she was the only one they blamed

But when she took on Peggy Gee
Vicki came to say
Though It wasn't on my board
you are banned as was implored
Then all the posters loved her
though it made the board less fun
Nicole, the oft banned t-girl
now she's only in Anon

I was going to post this on Hungdevils but was dissuaded and rightly so, since it would not be well received there, both for the message and the messenger. But I thought it was cute and creative and so I put it up here for whomever might see it and for whatever it was worth



  1. FK,
    I think it's funny! You SHOULD've posted it on HD.

  2. Thanks CD, but it was suggested I not do so, so I didn't. People can always find it here, which is where I mostly post things now.