"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roman Holiday

They say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in the LA TG scene, you should do as Maria Roman does. She is an amazing beauty, to be sure, but where she really stands out is how she carries and expresses herself. She is one of the most thoughtful and articulate girls in the community, in both Spanish and English with a good word, well said for everyone. She can be a pageant winner one night and a community spokesperson the next. I've known Maria for years, ever since the first Quest for the Cover pageant, and we've become pretty good friends since then and I am still as impressed with and inspired by her now as I was star struck by her then. It has been so gratifying to see her get all the success and recognition she deserves from Trantasia, especially since I played a minuscule role in it by introducing her to Jahna Steel when she came to Peanuts looking for girls for the Las Vegas pageant at the heart of the movie. It was especially great to get to have some small share of that success at both of its LA premieres, when she did it the way only she can


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