"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where's the Beef?

No hamburgers, just dancing and drinks, at Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach, where they have a TG nite every Tuesday. It was started by my friend Jamie, and has become the place to go, especially for people in OC who don't like to drive all the way to LA. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get there until just recently, but when I did, I had a great time. I went with my friend, Kendall, who is famous online as Truebeauty TS. That's not her in the picture, but is my friend Stephanie, who we ran into there. It might be called Hamburger Mary's but we were hot dogging on the poles :)


Got Wood?

Oxwood, that is. The Oxwood Inn in Van Nuys is the Saturday night club here in So Cal. I prefer Cobra and the Palms, but I still like the Oxwood and will end up there now and then. Its located at the corner of Oxnard and Woodman Streets, so its name is from that fact and has nothing to do with a bovine erection. Its a homey, if not homely dive bar with a friendly, eclectic crowd. I'm told its the oldest lesbian bar in the Valley, but I'd never ask any women her age, let alone a geriatric one :)

Here is a pic of me and another pic of me with my friend Aubry from a recent Saturday night there. She is really nice and super talented and performs at Cobra as Shakira. I think you can see why.


Auntie Matters

my adoption of Hazel Tucker and my designation as TS-Gossip Girl have now been legally recognized and certified by the duly registered authorities at Shemale Yum


I didn't need a piece of paper (ok, a blog entry) to document my relationship with Hazel. I've loved being her aunt ever since I met. I just never see her. I can't ground her for this because she likes to stay home. Maybe I should reverse ground her and tell her she can't stay home for 2 weeks and that she has to spend more time staying out all nite with her friends?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

snake skin

Two reasons for this title.

First, here is the skinny on Cobra. Its become the best club in LA filling the void left by the closing of Club Illusion's first and best home at 7969. We have a new place at the Palms for the old crowd, but the space and the vibe just aren't the same, and more people are making Cobra their must be place.

The good points are its a big open club, with a couple of bars, a smoking patio, a decent sized dance floor, a pool table and a good stage for the show. Admission is 8 bucks and this gives you half price of the first drink. Leslie Munroy and Jazzmun go all out to put on a good show every week.

The bad points are that its in North Hollywood, and parking can be scarce and scary. And its on a Thursday night.

Here are some pics from a recent night showing the second reason :)

Me and Bella, Kenya, Tia, and mi hermana hermosa Patricia. Whats a snake without charmers?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh the Hermanity!!

I'm active on a couple of TS porn forums, and apparently radioactive to an anonymous troll there, who has decided I am too uppity and should be brought down to size.

His idea of a cutting insult is to repeatedly compare me to Herman Munster. But he is more like Cousin It, with his face totally obscurred. Or maybe Thing, a disembodied hand, flipping me the online finger. Either way, neither has a voice and so long as this person can't speak to me face to face, neither does he, nor will I be phased by his efforts.

I think I look more like Marilyn, personally :)


Switching Chanels

I decided to touch that dial, and change things up a little recently. I went to a party at the Standard on the Sunset strip. My friends, the Chanel Twins, were hosting. Then I jammed over Laurel Canyon to pick up Olivia Love to take her to Cobra, where we connected with Shana.

Shana used to live in LA, but now is in Chicago. She is more than just one of the most beautiful girls in the scene. She is smart and cultured and extremely well respected by everyone. Its always really great to see her when she leaves the second City to visit her first one



just a couple more pics from a recent night at Cobra. Olivia and Elizabeth and me, with another very good friend Christy Girlington, who is semi-famous as one of the Chanel Twins, in the background of the first pic.


The Rise of Cobra

the club, not the cheesy action hero commercial disguised as a movie. Club Cobra in North Hollywood is where I spend most of my Thursday nights. Its been going on for over 2 years now and has really become the biggest T night in So Cal.

here are some pics from a recent night. Morgain and Amaya and Olivia and me, and a pic of part of the usual gang mugging it up for the camera.

Club Cobra