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Friday, June 24, 2011

Special Kay

a quick pic with and pimp for my friend Dani Kay, who is hosting Transmania at the Palms this Saturday, and appearing at Oil Can Harry's, on Sunday in the show Ressurecting Mary, which brings back some of the really great performers from the old Queen Mary show bar.

The pic is from last Saturday, at the Oxwood, where Dani really rocked the house as Madonna. The other girl in the picture is my friend Natasha, who despite her being younger, prettier, taller and blonder than me, I really like :) She is another great performer and should also be showing off her moves at Transmania. Both girls are really talented but if you have the chance to see Dani do her thing on stage, you will know how special she really is.



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  1. I think those hemlines could be higher!!!!! what do ya think?