"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A oh Kaye!

its a better than ok time to say something about my friend Dani Kaye, since she is starting a new TG nite in West Hollywood, next Saturday nite, at the Palms. When she is on the job. things seem to really take off, so her new club should be a KO success. Dani was a great performer back in the old Queen Mary days, but has been mostly behind the scenes, and the bar, at Peanuts and at the Palms and now and then at Blue Moon. In her job, guys are as thirsty for friendship as they are for libation and Dani serves both up strongly. She laughs easily, listens well and looks amazing and its always great to see her every week and even better on those rare occasions when she leaves the bar and takes the stage. Like she will next week and hopefully in the weeks to follow.

the pic above is of me and her from a recent nite at the T party, and the ones below are of Lucia and Sabrina and Domino, all of whom are also better than ok and then a just ok one of me :)


  1. I love you girl!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I'll see you Sat March 12 at 10:30!!!!!!! :)
    Dani Kay

  2. your welcome girl but I was only saying it because its true :) The show was awesome and you rocked!! I love you and love seeing you perform!!