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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Linkin Blogs

I'm on Britney St Jordan's awesome blog. I had chatted with her a little bit here and there, but only got to meet her at the big Tranny Awards event in Los Angeles. She is as nice as she is sexy and courageous and it was really great to get to know her a little and pose for some pics with her. It was also great that they got shared online at Hung Angels and Hung Devils before she featured this one on her blog.

You may have seen the pic before, but you should read and follow her blog. The entry is a really good write up about the awards and the blog itself shows despite being a star, she is still unassuming and insightful. Or maybe she is a star because of those qualities? In any event, or at any event, I'm looking forward to seeing her again when she moves out here, and you can all look forward to seeing a lot more of her work when she does.


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