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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Adios Victoria

I lost one of my best friends this weekend. She didn't die, and I wasn't careless. In fact, there are only a few girls I care more for than Victoria, who I went out with every week. She had to move back to Mexico to help look after her mother and father, who are old and in poor health. That they need her more doesn't mean I won't miss her any less. It won't be the same without her funny comments and come-ons in her sprained English. She never failed to make me laugh or to make some guy's night (and the rent) She was one of the most respected girls in the Latin TS community here in Los Angeles. Everyone would always pay some props whenever they saw her. We gave them a last chance to do so at Cobra, when we brought Victoria a cake, and up on stage.

We wish her well, but hope she will able to come back home to her second family here soon



  1. Wow!

    What a great site and what great company you keep!
    You are truly beautiful and I would love to know how to contact you on the other forums where you socialize...smile

    You seem to be so upbeat and friendly! How nice to see!!! Wish I was in one of those picts! The Cobra sounds fantastic!


    Hope to hear from you!



  2. thank you for the comment. I can be found on Yahoo as felicia_kattt or on the HD and HA forums, If you google me, you should be linked right to them.

    As far as being in a pic, show up at the club and I'd be happy to pose