"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

snake skin

Two reasons for this title.

First, here is the skinny on Cobra. Its become the best club in LA filling the void left by the closing of Club Illusion's first and best home at 7969. We have a new place at the Palms for the old crowd, but the space and the vibe just aren't the same, and more people are making Cobra their must be place.

The good points are its a big open club, with a couple of bars, a smoking patio, a decent sized dance floor, a pool table and a good stage for the show. Admission is 8 bucks and this gives you half price of the first drink. Leslie Munroy and Jazzmun go all out to put on a good show every week.

The bad points are that its in North Hollywood, and parking can be scarce and scary. And its on a Thursday night.

Here are some pics from a recent night showing the second reason :)

Me and Bella, Kenya, Tia, and mi hermana hermosa Patricia. Whats a snake without charmers?



  1. Love your outfit in these pictures! Where from?

  2. little store in little Saigon

  3. Sorry I missed you last week. I had a last minute car key emergency. I was all dressed up, makeup done, hair cut and colored, and then BOOM! Disaster strikes. I hope to see you this week. :)