"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


They say it comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb, but when you are 6 months behind in your blogging, it seems to linger more like a sloth to me.  so, here is what the Katt dragged in for the entire month of March!

at Serra's Lounge aka the old Queen Mary for
one of their Thursday nite parties.  Sadly, they stopped
having them at the end of June    

my friend Gia, at the old Palms, which also closed in June.
I miss her and that bar so much!!

a LBD at the Palms

purple at the Oxwood

St Patrick's day at the Oxwood
my David Lynch tribute at the Oxwood

connecting at the Palms

mi amore Pamela Fontini at the Palms

my very good friend Tatatia

my very good friend Roxxy, who is better than a pot of gold!!

at home, after the Palms

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  1. your posts always make it an "exciting" day when i view them. anthony47905