"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I missed my own anniversary!

I started this blog back on May 31, 2009, so its 4 year anniversary was 6 weeks or so ago.  I missed it.  bad.  My relationship with this blog has been a little strained lately.  I haven't been unfaithful to it, though I have flirted with Twitter and Google Plus and Facebook and even Tumblr more than I probably should have.  I've just been absent and inattentive to its needs.  In fairness, I haven't really been getting what I've needed from it either.  Its kind of peaked with the number of subscribers and page views have been down from their prior highs and comments, except from spambots haves been less frequent.  Still after all the time and bandwith invested in it, that's no excuse not to mark a milestone like its fourth anniversary, even if belatedly so  So here is a pic from the 4 annual Tranny awards, back in February.  I'll try to have some more pics from this great event before the 5th one takes place :)


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