"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm hopelessly, desperately behind here.  I try to post for every time I go out, and I seem to make more entrances at clubs  than entries here.  So, to try keep a log with less lag, I;m posting everything the Katt dragged in for December all at once.  Consider it a Christmas present, just 5 months late :)
First Saturday at the Oxwood.
my very good friend Christy is in the background.

Mikayla at the Palms om Monday
Regina and Carolina at the Palms on Friday

my birthday at Hamburger Mary's with Scott

Rael and Carla


Palms on Friday

My Christmas fur after the Oxwood
on December 26

Oxwood on Wednesday

Mikayla at the Palms


  1. Hey Felicia,
    You look amazing as always, so glad you are having such a fantastic time with all your friends enjoying xmas.
    Have a fab 2013.
    Hugs Lana