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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fond of Fontini

some pics from Pamela Fontini's birthday party at Sexy Bitch in Hollywood. She is such a sweetheart, and is one of my favorite girls here in the LA scene. She is a talented performer and very active in the community and even though she calls everyone else Mami, is really the one who is a mother to many of the latina girls., even the honorary ones like me :) . One of my best memories of her was when we were both backstage at a pageant a few years back. She was performing and I was assisting a contestant and we both snuck up to the side of the stage to peek out past the curtains and watch for a bit and she reached out and held my hand, like we were sisters. And since that moment, we are, in my heart.

Speaking of pageants, there is a pic of me and Ms Karina who puts on the pageants here in LA and Leslie, who usually dazzles in them. And one pic of me I'm kinda fond of as well.


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