"We are born naked and the rest is drag" -Ru Paul.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Transformation Magazine

after a long hiatus, Transformation Magazine is back on the scene in Southern California. I was in the magazine several times a few years ago and it was always fun to go to a bookstore or news stand and pull out a copy and find yourself in its pages.

They have been out of sight and mind since Peanuts moved to the Palms, but recently re-emerged at Cobra. My friend Al, who has been taking some of the best pictures of me forever, is their local photographer, and he and Willie Escalade got some great shots of me and my friends that nite. Now I can't wait until I'm hot off the presses again. :)



  1. Nice I wish I could look that goof

  2. You r a sexy and look 100% women im very curious man and have tried crossdressing a few times over the years I like it when ive had a chance to wher a corset heels stockings make up etc that only happend one time and didnt have any help I did it at agay mans house he was a master and would have me come to his house and for letting me dress ther I would be his sissy for a couple hours of bondage and I actually really dug it when I was in bondage and being forced to do what ever he told me to do its been years and now im craving another chance to go farther wher I would want to spend longer periods of time in total drag and being forced talk and walk and be as passable as possible and then be taken out in publik to a couple of bars and look for another tranny or rite man or women that wants to hook up with me as a women im very sorry for such a long reply but u look like the type person who would understand what im feeling for change,also I wanted to tell you the first time I laced up a corsett and it was a sortof cheap corsett but my wast pulled in 14inches and gave me a decentfeminum curve so I could only imagine some long term training I would have a pretty curvy body I liked the restrictive breathing and the ridged posture well to look half as good as you do would be a dream and my name as asubmissive crossdressing slut was LUCINDA andfeel the need to be her thank you it was almost like telling alot of longtme secrets to a friend

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  4. Hi im a bi trannie living in South Africa my name is Liza Basresille I used 2 subscribe 2 Transformation Magazine it was awesum! I would luv 2 post sum of my pix here is it possible?
    I can b contacted on lizabasresille1@gmail.com
    Kisses xXx