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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Linkin Blogs

As has so often been the case before, I am on Scott and Ben's excellent blog with some pictures from Blue Moon. Sadly, this won't be the case in the future. The T-party night at Blue Moon has been cancelled,

Here is the official word from Buddy Wood

Announcement from Buddy Wood:

"So there's officially no longer going to be a T-Party at Blue Moon
Nights on Thursdays. It's over. The club is under new management and
in the past few weeks have become increasingly difficult to deal with.
I'm not gonna get into too many details...but ultimately some of their
other night have gotten into some "troubles" (they're open all fuckin'
night what do they expect) and because our night is the most blatantly
"different" they've come down hard on us with new rules and bullshit
that just makes it very difficult to have the good time we've been
having for months now. I love the venue but more and more it feels
like I'm throwing a party in high school while my parents are home.
That and they shut down half the bar after closing the outside area.
It's just not the same. They have their "responsibilities" to whoever
it is they need to answer to...but I have mine to the girls that come
to go-go dance and to everyone that comes to have a good, fun and
legal time...without being hassled. It was fun as hell while it lasted
and we're looking to have a new venue asap (maybe even by tomorrow)
but as of now no more Thursdays at Blue Moon Nights!!
look out for new info about the new location of Buddy Wood's T-Party on tgirls.com/blog/ it's only gunna get better!"

Hit the strip club this Sunday!! 7pm-close
12317 Branford St. Syn Valley, CA 91352
Jesse will be making her first appearance. Along side Britney Markham, Morgan Bailey, Domino Presley, and tons more surprises!

Hopefully, I will be updating this blog with some new pics from a new club soon


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